"Better than therapy" - Wyletta

Acrylic Classes in Woodstock New York

Still on Covid Hold.

I help grown-ups grow fresh, new neurotransmitters in their brains.* The act of painting is the fastest way to build these magical pathways that take info & ideas from everywhere and combine them to invent creative solutions in everyday life. Sometimes you get smarter, mostly you just get happier. I can show you how. ‘Talent’ is over-rated… all it takes is desire.

You’ll learn color mixing, brush handling and the confidence to complete a landscape in 2.5 hours. Your painting will be better than the photo. They all are.

Limited class size for lots of one-on-one. Read additional descriptions and raves where you can sign up online for an Experience with Mernie.

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*Brain science references -
Original 2014 German research
Pacific Standard
Huffington Post

Complete a Beautiful Painting

“Mernie is a really, really good instructor.”
- Patty

mernie buchanan art classes

Acrylic Classes in Woodstock NY

Saturday Mornings

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$55 per person.