“I could put it down, but kept picking it back up again”

A free-lance artist’s 4th quarter review examines stories and paintings to see a bigger picture - inspired by life in this world and glimpses of another dimension. Humorous and cautionary tales take you on rides much safer to read than experience. You’ll race on sailboats, ski on acid and live with showgirls in Las Vegas. You might face some fears. Being only marginally adept with the Cosmic Message Function, Mernie keeps trying to hear the angels . . . and the dogs.

incompetent psychic book cover
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The Incompetent Psychic by Mernie Buchanan
Freelance artist ignores safety tips from Spirit Guides
Quality paperback / 312 pages
with 20 b&w illustrations by Mernie
Published Sept 29, 2020
$19 includes postage in US
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ISBN: 978-1-7354183-0-8

Readers say -

“Better than I expected it to be. The dead people’s voices are good.”
— First woman who read an early draft
(retired NYC book editor)

“In this truly delightful and inspiring memoir Mernie shares funny, forthright accounts of her unconventional life. This is the story of a woman who has lived full-out, made challenging choices and gone into places where her angels feared to tread (and went anyway to help her out). Ultimately, her story offers a rich, thought-provoking—perhaps even healing read that will inspire you to look at your own life with greater appreciation of the masterpiece that every life ultimately produces.”
— Second woman who read a better draft
(another retired NYC book editor)

“From an adventurous life comes a fascinating memoir. ’The Incompetent Psychic’ in my humble opinion, is quite an engaging success . . . an intelligent and compelling read that hit home for me. Reminded me of Tom Wolf, Tom Robbins & Hunter Thompson in a blender I couldn’t stop reading it.”
— First man who read it

“Mernie’s honest and magical storytelling is complemented by the fantastical characters that inhabit her journey”
— First librarian who read it

“Brilliant! I absolutely love it. Love the dogs, the Celestial pauses, but mostly the progression of recovery and growth. A huge part was the family-like planets circling around the burning out/burning bright star that is Mernie.”
— Fourth woman who read it

“I love Mernie’s literary voice, her self deprecatory style, her uninhibited way of being, her acerbic humor, her art and her love for the planet and its inhabitants. I like that she has the balls to put her story out there. I suspect you’re going to thoroughly enjoy this. You might want to hang out with her. She’s kinda magical.”
— Fifth woman who read it

“Aghast, engrossed, thoroughly engaged and delighted. It had me by the short hairs all the way through.”
— Second man who read it